The introduction of half hourly metering in 2017 for all properties which had a maximum demand meter on site, brought with it extra charges and administration for businesses to attend. The additional charges are for the ‘Meter Operator’ and ‘Data... Continue reading

OFGEM, could do better?

One hundred lines please

For 30 years we’ve been aware of the fallibility of energy suppliers billing systems. We’ve spoken and written in depth on how businesses throughout the country have been overcharged by their energy supplier and even mentioned that some overcharges are... Continue reading

Roll out the barrel

Graphics may be just too crude

It’s very common for energy brokers to comment on oil prices when costing electricity or gas contracts for their clients.   After all, what could impress a client more than an email containing a graph of oil prices covering the last... Continue reading

Fake news? More like no news

I have nothing to say, and I am saying it

The below statement regarding smart meters was taken from The Telegraph Claire Maugham, director of policy and communications at Smart Energy GB, the body set up by the Government to promote and roll-out, said “Smart meters mean more choice in... Continue reading
If a meter develops a fault the likelihood is it will go unnoticed by the energy suppliers billing system and will continue to go unnoticed up until the end of the meters life cycle, even if the site remains with... Continue reading

Fawlty Billing Systems (Part 1)

The Meter Inspectors

When a large energy bill is received the accuracy of the electricity meter is nearly always brought into question, but a faulty meter is rarely the reason for an excessive bill. What is at fault is the billing system of... Continue reading
There is a strong possibility that your business has been overcharged by your energy supplier because of billing system failings and administration errors. Over the last 20 years energy supplier billing systems have been responsible for overcharging millions of pounds... Continue reading
2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the electricity market opening up to competition following deregulation. In October 1997 every business was free to choose an alternative electricity supplier; the gas market had already been deregulated some 4 years earlier. It... Continue reading

Confused about which energy supplier to choose?

Go Compare the Fines.Com or it may cost you more than a Tenor

Here’s an alternative comparison website; It’s based upon which energy supplier has been fined or had to make redress payments over the last 6 years for various reasons.  Rather than relying on a standard comparison website, let the suppliers... Continue reading

Beware of energy brokers in disguise

It’s official, it pays to lie

Last week we received a phone call from an agent claiming to be working on behalf of the National Grid.  He had already contacted one of our clients, who was only too pleased to redirect him our way. According to... Continue reading

Energy Billing Validation

Automated overcharge

Why are farms and businesses in general susceptible to being overcharged on their energy bills?  The main cause is the energy suppliers billing validation processes, which is how received data is analysed and processed by the billing system. Energy supplier... Continue reading

Are energy suppliers milking it when it comes to farms?

How energy suppliers have increased their yield.

Energy suppliers offer a range of tariffs for businesses to take advantage of cheaper rates, which they can do by spreading their usage at off peak times throughout the day and week.  But, how much cheaper are these tariffs and... Continue reading

What do we mean by overcharging on energy bills?

It’s not always about the contract price, but on occasions!

In all of the years we have been recovering overcharges from energy supply companies the majority of our clients have, at first, assumed it’s about the price.  However, once we carried out an audit and presented a report showing the... Continue reading
What are the benefits of half hourly metering in place of maximum demand metering? OFGEM’s view is as follows; “Many businesses will see either no change to their bills or they will go down under half hourly ‘settlement’.  However, some... Continue reading

Additional Energy Charges for Golf Clubs to absorb

Knowing what you use in energy every half hour does come at a price

The phasing out of maximum demand metering (MD) and the introduction of half hourly (HH) metering to replace it, or P272, to give the correct name, will impact on many golf clubs and businesses in 2 ways. The first being... Continue reading

Bulk buying energy for golf clubs

Reader, it’s all stuff and nonsense

Large industrial or chemical plants purchase energy in bulk, they need to because of the sheer scale of their operation.  Fluctuating energy prices have an impact on the cost of the products they produce.  To bulk purchase energy you need... Continue reading
If incorrect data is used to calculate an energy price comparison, the saving claimed may be less than forecast or worse still, not exist at all. A proper analysis of a properties usage can at the very least give a... Continue reading
Golf clubs are a target for every energy broker.  There are a number of reasons for this, but we will limit ourselves to stating the most obvious. Golf clubs are normally well run. They operate throughout the year. They are... Continue reading
The vast majority of energy overcharges incurred by businesses will never be recovered and there are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, energy suppliers tend to archive billing information after two or three years and as most businesses operate... Continue reading

The black hole of credit write offs

If you don’t ask, you don’t get

When a property is vacated or a business switches energy supplier, the account is finalised and a final bill sent to the customer.  However, it doesn’t always follow that a refund is issued if the account is in credit. Energy... Continue reading
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